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Tunesday Tuesday: Kenya Urges Govt. to Support Local Music Scene

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In another look at how entertainment and laws intersect around the world, this week we travel to Kenya where musicians are calling for the curtailing of foreign music. It’s no secret that American music (and movies) dominate much of the world and in an effort to encourage local artists, some countries have even started putting legal restrictions on the avryman-1amount of foreign (namely American) media allowed on the airwaves. With laws already in place in South Africa, where 55% of content on the radio must be local, and Nigeria (70%!), Kenyan artists are pushing for the same. In a meeting between a group of Kenyan musicians and the Ministry of Culture, the musicians submitted a proposal to follow in Nigeria’s footsteps and institute a law that requires 70% of radio play be dedicated to local music. The idea behind this proposal is to encourage local economy and the growth of local art and with it, the development of national identity and pride. So far the proposal is still in the preliminary stages, but Kenyan artists are optimistic for a future in which the radio plays more V-Sita (a popular Kenyan rapper) and perhaps a little less Kanye West.

For a little taste of Kenyan popular music, check out V-Sita’s number one hit from 2013, “Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga” (That’s How it Goes).


And check out the full article here: Stop The Foreign Music! African Pop Stars Ask For Government Help



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