Role of Intellectual Property
What is the Role of IP in the Media and Entertainment Industry? Intellectual Property refers to the ownership of any idea or design that is created by an individual. Once an individual creates an idea, whether by writing a book, or creating a design or a piece of music,  the ownership of the idea is...
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Copyright Infringement
What Is Copyright Infringement In The Entertainment Industry? Two popular forms in the entertainment industry, music and movies experience severe copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is defined as the re-production or use of any material that is protected by copyright without the consent of the copyright owner. Under copyright law, the owner of the copyright has...
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7 Steps Of Making Film
Hollywood is the ever-shining film and entertainment industry where talented artists devote themselves to the art of acting, singing, and dancing? Hollywood has been entertaining people for decades and creating legendary cinemas, music, and moments that impact people’s lives in various ways. From inspiring people to making them cry their hearts out, Hollywood artists and...
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General Trademarks
There are different types of trademarks for products and services. A trademark is any word, name, symbol, or device that identifies the source of a product or service. Each type of mark serves a different purpose and can be used to protect different aspects of a product or service. Fundamentally, there are two broad categories...
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Copyright Laws
According to the U.S. Copyright Act, which was passed in 1976, the copyright owner of a specific work will be given unique rights. These rights are not automatic, but are instead given to the copyright owner by law. The Copyright Act provides five rights to the copyright owner. These rights must be used fairly and...
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