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Film Production Lawyer

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Film & Television

Our attorneys offer advice and counsel for clients on a wide variety of deals throughout the film and television industries. We provide value added service by combining a thorough knowledge of deal making, contract negotiation and legal considerations with our clients’ businesses.

Our clients include film and television production companies, studios, sales agencies, talent agencies, distributors, creative talent, directors, writers, showrunners, composers, producers, filmmakers, actors, managers, and scripted and unscripted content creators.  


Services include assistance with the following:

  • Film and television production legal services, from company formation, investor financing and pre-production through production and distribution
  • Content licensing and distribution, including theatrical, television and streaming video (SVOD, PPV/VOD, and EST)
  • Agreements for actors and on-screen talent in connection with film, television, and new media projects, including in both scripted and unscripted productions
  • Representation of producers, directors, screenwriters, composers, and investors in connection with their participation and endeavors in the film and television industry.
  • Option/purchase agreements
  • Overall and first-look deals
  • Collaboration and co-production deals
  • Shopping, development, and attachment agreements
  • Agreements for above-the-line and below-the-line cast and crew members
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Production agreements (e.g., location agreements, appearance releases, vendor agreements, music licensing, etc.)

Contract Types:

Talent Contracts

These contracts are used by production companies, studios, networks, agencies, and other media buyers to hire actors for on-camera acting services. Some talent contracts may require full exclusivity from an actor, and thereby prevent an actor from taking on other work. Other talent contracts, however, are flexible and allow an actor to freely engage in multiple deals.  

Your Film Lawyer generally negotiates for an actor’s payment, term length, exclusivity restrictions, and resources while on the set. A skilled Movie Lawyer will help you understand your rights and increase your overall potential and profit.


On Location Contracts

These contracts are used to secure a location for filming. Also, these contacts are used to decide which act or scenes will be filmed at the location. Generally, TV shows and movies will require a location contract to permit the image and likeness used in the film. Having a top-quality Film Production Lawyer is important to protect your rights and compensation. Contact the right law firm by calling Hollywood Lawyer to speak with a Film Production Lawyer today.


Film Crew Contracts

These contracts are used to clearly define the rate of pay and services required for crew members during production. These contracts help predetermine a salary for either a single film crew member or those belonging to an entire film crew. Anyone dealing with a film crew contract should talk about their legal needs with an experienced Movie Lawyer.


Production Company Contracts

Production companies are responsible for the actual filming of movies and television programs. These responsibilities include: hiring talent and crew members, scouting location of sets, delivering a project on budget, securing music licenses, obtaining release agreements, and many other functions. The number of contracts entered into for one film or TV series can sometimes be exhausting given the scope of the project. It is always a good idea to consult a Film Production Lawyer to make sure that your contract protects you and has your best interests.


Director Contracts

These contracts are usually made between a director and a production company prior to the filming of a movie or television program. These contracts summarize the director’s duties, salary and production guidelines. An experienced Film Director Lawyer ensures that fair pay and a clear plan are outlined prior to filming. Contact your Film Director Lawyer today!



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