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David Yung Ho Kim and The Hollywood Lawyer Quoted in LA Examiner

The LA Examiner quoted me and our law firm in an article on a recent pitch fest to entertainment industry professionals, and you can see it here: Here are some of my thoughts on the recent event:

larva-1A few entertainment attorneys and I were able to attend the annual K-Story Pitch Fest on November 7th in Los Angeles for Korean multimedia content (held by the Korea Creative Content Agency – KOCCA). There were producers and writers that had flown in from Korea to make pitches on their synopses, scripts and completed projects, in hope of expanding their market and reachable audience and fan base. While a few of the pitches had stories that were very cliche, overdone and unappealing, there were some that just stood out in your face, like “Larva” and “Diver”, just to name a few. I was actually a bit surprised and amused that I didn’t see a single pitch where the story had sappy, melodramatic and soapy Korean elements, like babies being switched, or lovers dying of some serious illness; rather, most of the stories had deep universal undertones, in terms of really connecting the audience to common and deeper themes of identity, struggle, conflict, resolution and coping. My highlight of the night? LARVA! I can’t wait to see that animation on the big screen here in the States. In any case, I had a little fun at the K-Story Pitch Fest. 🙂


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