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Why Should Your Company Consider Trademarking?

Trademarks are designed to protect specific and unique names, logos, and symbols that relate to your product or company. Trademark protection can be applied to many things that have a symbolic meaning to your brand, including its name, sounds, and even colors in certain circumstances. 

Trademark-attorney Trademarks are exclusive to a single entity, and other organizations or individuals are not allowed to use another party’s trademark with the trademark holder’s express permission.

Once a trademark is registered, it means that no other individual or organization has the legal right to use the trademark as its own. A trademark is valid for 10 years, after which the trademark holder may renew it.

How are trademarks different from patents and copyrights? 

Patents are designed to protect inventors and their innovations. Patents are often granted for new products, technical solutions, and scientific processes. You can also apply for patents for significant improvements to existing technologies or processes. While a trademark is valid for 10 years, the term of patent validity is generally 20 years and that registration cannot be renewed. 

Copyright protection applies to works of visual art, books, music, movies, and other creative works. The owner of the copyrighted material has the exclusive legal right to distribute, perform, sell, or disseminate the original works in the public domain.

Why should you consider registering a trademark?

Trademarks can protect your business and give you an advantage under the law. Filing as quickly as possible also allows you to have a legal claim on the trademark before others. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider registering a trademark:

  • It can be an asset

Your brand can be an important asset for your company, leaving open the potential for future development. In today’s highly competitive market, entities often look for ways to distinguish their products and services from those that competitors offer. The use of trademarks has been very successful in diverting consumers’ attention from competitors to their brands. 

In addition, products or services that bear your trademark may instill more customer confidence than other brands and ultimately help consumers make decisions that benefit your business. 

As your business grows, your brand equity can continue to grow, as well. In addition, if you need a bank loan for your business, you can also sell, license, or use the brand as collateral. This is why it is so important to seek the assistance of a reputable trademark lawyer

  • It makes your brand unique

One of the most important things about your trademark is that it helps make your brand unique in the market. A trademark can help your brand stand apart from competitors. If you have a logo or phrase that explains your brand’s products or services, it can become your company’s identity over time. 

People may start to associate your brand with your trademark. This can set you apart from other companies in your product or service area. When choosing a logo or name to trademark, a company should remember to make the trademark eye-catching so that it can attract customers. 

  • It can help expand the business

Every company strives to achieve the highest position in its professional field and stand out from the crowd. Many companies choose to take risks that allow them to expand their business beyond their initial sector. In this case, mature companies with well-known trademarks can have an advantage. 

People who have a lot of trust in your brand can have the confidence to buy new products or services that you decide to offer. Regardless of the industry you may wish to enter, an offering from a trusted brand can help you succeed. Your intellectual property, particularly your trademark, is what customers will recognize. 

  • It can protect the brand 

Having a strong trademark can help protect your brand, because it is unique to you. Without protection, companies can end up using the same name, which can confuse customers and adversely affect the business. 

If you want to protect your trademark from misappropriation by another company, you should consider registering your trademark. 

  • It can be valuable for digital marketing purposes

The Internet has become an indispensable tool for marketing products and services. Companies need to have both a digital presence and a physical one. SEO, or search engine optimization, has become an important way for people to find what they need online. 

This is why your company should have a registered trademark. It can help people know how to find your brand when they need something related to your company’s services or products. As more and more people search for your brand online, your website can generate more traffic, and your online ranking can increase dramatically.

  • Trademarks can help you avoid forgery 

Counterfeiting products and services is a punishable crime, but it is difficult to prevent. Owning a trademark can significantly reduce the risk of fraud. The goods or services with your trademark cannot be legally copied or forged. 

When you own a trademark, you can take legal action against companies or individuals that import counterfeit products that bear your trademark. 

Whether you are considering registering a trademark for the first time or you are facing complex legal issues related to infringement, now is the best time to consult with an experienced professional. An experienced Los Angeles business lawyer can help protect your brand. 

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