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Tunesday Tuesday- [Update] UK Says Nay, Not OK to CD Transfers

Way back at the beginning of summer, we discussed how a law was being considered in the UK to make transferring music from CDs to digital files illegal– see “UK Might Say Nay, Not OK to CD Transfers.” Well, now it’s been officially decreed by the British High Court that one cannot legally transfer digital files. This means that in the UK, you cannot buy Adele’s new CD and then rip the music to put on your iPhone– you are expected to buy a new CD or new digital files for every device you’d like to play the music on. You’re also not allowed to back up your music to the cloud. This is all thanks to major players music industry who worked hard to get the legislation passed, despite the costly (and probably quite annoying) consequences it could have on the consumer.

To read more about what’s happening with copyright law and music across the pond, check out this article.



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