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Tunesday Tuesday- Everybody is a Critic in Finland with New Law

Everybody is a Critic in Finland with New Law


In a legal move that brings power to the people, Finland is letting complainers finally get their way. According to a recently passed law in the Nordic country, if attendees of a concert aren’t satisfied with the performance, they can get a refund. While this may seem great from the consumer perspective, it’s not as easy as simply saying that you didn’t enjoy the performance. There has to be a more objective reasoning as to why the concert wasn’t successful and must fall “well below reasonably expected standards.” The spokesperson for the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board adds that the musical performance must be generally viewed as a “failure” in order for people to claim refunds. While this attempt to make a likely subjective opinion become objective may remind some people of the classic adage on obscenity (“I know it when I see it.” ) the difficulty in implementing the law may be worth it for some music lovers who feel ripped off by high prices and low quality. And encouraging artists to put on a worthy performance is definitely, objectively, not obscene.

Check out the full article here: New Law Allows Finnish Music Fans A Refund If They Don’t Enjoy A Gig



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