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Tunesday Tuesday- Bah Humbug: Christmas Music as Illegal?

Mariah Carey

Starting the day after (or even the day of) Thanksgiving this year, you probably noticed that Starbucks, grocery stores and other businesses started breaking out their holiday playlists. Since it’s only three days (!!) until Christmas itself, you may feel like perhaps you don’t need to hear “All I want for Christmas is You” anymore this year. Now, what if you work at one of these businesses that play Christmas music over and over on loud speakers? Would it prompt you to take legal action against the business? That’s what maxresdefault-1 happened to one work place in Austria. The workers felt that listening to the same music for hours on end was equivalent to a type of work place abuse and discussed with the union to see if any legal action could be taken to reduce how many “Santa Baby’s” they needed to hear. While the union lawyers couldn’t find anything illegal with the practice, an Austrian union group has suggested there should be a maximum daily limit of Christmas music voluntarily enforced during the holiday season, in the interests of both employees and patrons. Even though there isn’t a legal precedent yet in Austria, if you’re tiring of the “Jingle Bells” in your workplace, perhaps you can talk to your union. Or invest in a great pair of headphones.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Hollywood Lawyer!


And if you haven’t heard it enough:



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