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Tuesday Tuesday- Can You Get Rich Off Digital Distribution?

Happy Tuesday friends! Today we want to talk about the perks and downsides that digital distribution offers the music industry.

Recently punk icon Iggy Pop, while promoting his new documentary in Cannes, stated that the digital age has made money collecting so efficient. However, may this be true?

Although there are a few who have reached fame through a viral online hit (Justin Bieber), digital distribution does not mean that finances are just a click away. Apart from the convoluted streaming royalties that artists have to deal with, digital distribution can also be an obstacle to good music that could otherwise be discovered.

Why? Because although it may seem easier to publish music from your living room than it is to send a demo tape out to every single person, producer or venue that may be interested in listening to your work, there is still so much competition and saturation to be dealt with. Sure Beyonce can still generate thousands in revenue even while creating little hype, as she did with “Lemonde,” but she was only able to do this thanks to her almost 20 years of great work within the music industry.

Bottom line is that having your music discovered these days still depends on talent, marketability, timing and luck. So no, digital distribution is not a get rich fast solution… but you already knew that.

What do you think about the opportunities that digital distribution offers musicians? To read the full article on Iggy Pop by The Guardian click here.


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