Trademark Filing

Many of our company clients and individual talent clients often need help with filing registration for a new trademark, be it a symbol, logo, phrase, word, domain name, design, or name that represents goods or products, or service mark, which offers similar protection for services. And we provide this service as well, from performing trademark searches, preparing a client’s trademark applications, advising the client on what classes to file its trademarks in, filing the client’s trademark applications, and corresponding with the USPTO as necessary. Although trademarks can be filed without an attorney, it’s important that an applicant retains an attorney to file trademark applications on its behalf so that everything is fully and correctly addressed as preparing the necessary paperwork and specimens can get out of hand.

Thus, be it choosing which classes to register your trademark in, which trademarks to register first, and/or how to prepare and file a trademark application, we have a Los Angeles trademark attorney who will represent you on all the necessary legal fronts. So, pick the entertainment and trademark lawyer who is skillful, personable and persistent in securing your needs and advising you on a consistent basis by calling The Hollywood Lawyer in Los Angeles today.

To learn more about needing legal representation for your licensing or branding matter and how we can manage or represent you, please contact us by creating your online law office account and (1) calling us at 1-323-300-4184 or (2) filling out our online form.

Need More Legal Assistance With the Business Needs of Your Company?

We also provide legal assistance (one-time or ongoing, long term) in the other business needs for your entertainment company (i.e., keeping your company up to date with all federal, state and local formalities and filings). To find out more, please click here.

Representation Needed in Trademark

If you are looking for legal representation with regard to trademarking, look no more! We can provide with you a trademark attorney with experience in representing our clients on these fronts. Rather than worrying about the legal ends of your career or business, like filing trademarks, entrust them all to one of our trademark attorneys here in Los Angeles so you can focus more what you do best in your career or business. Let us lead and close the deal for you.


Contact An Entertainment Attorney in The Hollywood Lawyer – Los Angeles

For all of your personal, career or business’ legal needs, contact a Los Angeles entertainment attorney (film, television, music, digital, new media, licensing, talent representation) here at The Hollywood Lawyer, by (1) calling us at 1-323-300-4184 or (2) filling out our online form. Our office is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For client convenience we are available outside of these hours upon request. We accept credit cards as a form of payment.


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