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Trademark Lawyer Los Angeles

How can a Los Angeles Trademark Attorney Help Protect Your Assets?

In the contemporary business sphere, trademarks are indispensable to any business. Trademarks currently occupy an integral place in today’s economic domain, especially for businesses that are in growth mode. Not only do trademarks offer a distinctive character to a business and its reputation, but trademarks also ensure that no one else can hijack the goodwill and familiarity that your brand garners within the market.

To demystify the complexities of trademark registration and defense, it requires an awareness of the relevant procedures and laws. This is where the significance of working with a Trademark Attorney Los Angeles trusts can become a valuable solution. A lawyer who knows how to provide service with respect to trademarks — which includes all aspects of trademark filing and searching — will be the right professional to meet your needs.


An attorney, because of their extensive education and experience relating to trademark legal matters, can offer unique value to clients. On that note, let’s consider the types of situations in which a trademark attorney can be the right legal professional to protect your interests and the roles that they play.

What are the role and responsibilities of a Trademark Attorney?

A trademark attorney’s role is vast, and one of their most important tasks is advising their clients on which trademarks to seek, keeping in mind their brand vision and reputation within the market. They help ensure that the trademarks a client chooses to pursue and register do not violate any other party’s intellectual property rights. These lawyers help to file and prosecute trademarks, as well as patents and copyrights in some cases. Their duty also may encompass a comprehensive evaluation of and guidance on the client’s trademark application.

The legal professional can advise on instances of potential trademark infringement, as well. These are some of the fundamental responsibilities of a trademark or copyright lawyer Los Angeles trust:

  • Facilitates the process for identifying and selecting appropriate trademarks for a client. In addition to performing and evaluating the results of trademark searches, they can help their clients determine whether the planned trademark will be viable. 
  • Draft and file trademark applications, placing particular attention on ensuring the paperwork is complete and submitted properly.
  • Dealing with legal complexities and objections that may arise throughout the application or approval process, including primary objections.
  • Provide guidance on the complicated aspects of trademark registration and filing, including cease and desist letters.

A trademark lawyer performs labor-intensive and detailed work while researching for the client’s prospective trademark and offers their educated opinion on whether using the name would be commercially beneficial or would infringe on another intellectual property owner’s rights.

 In many cases, a business owner will commit to a name and convince themselves that no other name would suit their business, even before they perform the due diligence necessary in the trademark registration process — in some cases purchasing signage or product packaging at this time. However, they are often surprised to learn that, once their lawyer performs the necessary research, using the intended name or trademark would cause the company and their brand harm, as well as violate another party’s IP rights. 

It is important for companies to not lock themselves into a single name or trademark before hiring a trademark lawyer to perform the necessary due diligence. Hiring a trademark attorney can be a valuable business decision, because the legal professional should be skilled and experienced in the domain to understand better how to choose and secure an appropriate trademark registration that does not put the company at risk

Advantages of taking legal help Before Starting a Business

Before executing the business strategies necessary to start a business, it is important to consider hiring a business lawyer or trademark attorney to assist with the process. The process of establishing a business entity often comes with many uncertainties and complex issues regarding operations and legalities. 

An experienced legal professional can help protect the business against complicated legal consequences and liability issues. Some of the benefits that businesses and prospective business owners may find when they seek counsel from a competent attorney include:

  • Selection of an appropriate business structure. Selecting a proper business structure can be the most critical decision that entrepreneurs make when they start a business. Choosing the wrong business type can cause them to face unnecessary legal issues. In addition, different types of business structures will have varying levels of liability. There are so many differences between sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), and the various forms of corporations. You should consider hiring a business lawyer to assess your business plan and help you understand your potential tax obligations, liabilities, set-up costs, and employee issues that may arise. With these factors in mind, one can decide which business structure is the most suitable for the entity’s purpose.
  • Protection against unnecessary litigation. Legal consultation with a business lawyer or trademark attorney can help to reduce the business’s exposure to lawsuits and other liability. A business attorney can help the business comply with federal and state employment laws. 
  • Intellectual property protection. Intellectual property — such as inventions, product designs, business services, logos, trade secrets, and other original works — can be protected with the assistance of a copyright or trademark attorney. Protecting intellectual property is necessary, as it helps companies to maintain a distinctive and competitive brand. A business attorney can help to preserve and protect your legal rights to intellectual property.
  • Drafting contracts. Regardless of whether the agreements involve vendors, employees, or customers, all business contracts should undergo an initial reviewing procedure by a competent lawyer. This move can help to ensure that the essential terms are captured within the agreement and the company’s best interests are protected. If you are unsure whether a transaction requires a formal contract, a legal professional can provide clarity and help draft a suitable contract if necessary.
  • Real estate agreements and leases. Unless the business operates entirely out of one’s home, an entrepreneur may seek different ways to set up the business, whether it be in an office building, commercial space, or a warehouse. Whether you are leasing or purchasing space, a California trademark lawyer may be able to review the fine print on contracts, agreements, and terms.

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