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The Associate’s Two Cents- SAG-AFTRA’s Still Got You Covered (Part 2)


In last week’s post we discussed how SAG-AFTRA came to exist as well as a few of the fundamental benefits of affiliation with the organization. If you recall, the purpose of the post was not to address every single detail and benefit of SAG-AFTRA, as that would not be feasible in this forum. However, we aspired to facilitate your surf through the organization’s comprehensive website while highlighting just a few of what its members gain from membership.

As you read through these posts, we encourage you to have goals in mind when seeking membership with SAG-AFTRA—“why do I want to join?” or “what do I want to do with my membership?” With questions like these in mind, these posts can be great informational pieces to provide clarity on the journey towards SAG-AFTRA membership. With that in mind, we continue this week further discussing the benefits of the organization, and in our concluding post next week, we will discuss the road to membership.

I-Actor Online Casting

I-Actor is an exclusive casting tool for SAG-AFTRA members. Although landing that next big role can sometimes feel like a hit or miss obstacle course for an actor, remember SAG-AFTRA’s got you covered with I-Actor. While there are no guarantees, I-Actor connects members with casting directors on signatory productions. The casting directors can view the talent’s head shots, resumes and other data exclusively through I-Actor. The casting directors searching I-Actor know what they’re looking for, and if you’re on it (I-Actor) and you have it (what they’re looking for), then you may very well be it. Having a profile on I-Actor exposes you to a search well outside of the reach of the general public, and as an actor seeking your next role, such exclusivity can put you way ahead of the game. For more information click here.



Industry Resources

SAG-AFTRA not only serves the performer, but also industry professionals such as producers, directors and filmmakers. Whether you’re new or experienced, there are resources to help find contracts for every occasion and support your work, and tools to assist in qualifying your production and ensuring that your talent has been cleared by the union. SAG-AFTRA certainly makes the effort to keep industry professionals covered. Click here to learn more.

General Benefits

Visit the SAG-AFTRA website to check out the benefits in detail. In addition to what we’ve already discussed over the last two posts, you’ll see that members enjoy: the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, casting workshops, AFTRA Foundation, SAG Foundation, contracts for all types of transactions and numerous other deals, discounts, awards, and opportunities for recognition and growth. No matter where you are in your career, SAG-AFTRA can have something to help you grow as a professional– it’s got you covered.


In next week’s conclusion post on this topic, we will discuss steps to joining SAG-AFTRA.




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