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“Hollywood Lawyer” Alex Davis to Offer $1000 semi-annual college scholarship

The entertainment attorneys at The Hollywood Lawyer are pleased to announce they will be sponsoring a semi-annual college scholarship, with the intent to award two students per year a sum of $1000 each to cover textbook and supply expenses. In order to determine the recipient of each scholarship two essay contests will be held twice per year. The essay topic will vary from contest to contest, but the theme will always revolve around entertainment law. Firm founder Alex Davis was quoted as saying, “We greatly look forward to supporting the college journeys of many individuals with this program for years to come. We’re thrilled to be able to give back to the community in such a meaningful way.”

The current prompt is as follows:

“Cancel culture” is a relatively recent phrase which over the past few years has deeply permeated our society. Many argue that cancel culture is a good thing which is holding previously “untouchable” celebrities accountable for the things they have said and done in the past. Others argue that cancel culture is largely detrimental, since it hyper focuses on mistakes made years ago and ignoring any possible growth the individual has since undergone. Choose a side of this argument to defend. If you have a third “side” to the argument of your own, feel free to argue this position.

Essays should be minimum 500 words, and maximum 800. The contest is open to any individual currently enrolled or pending enrollment, in an accredited U.S. college or university. Submissions should be emailed directly to, with “scholarship” in the subject line. Please include in the body of the email the following information: first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, college of enrollment. Winners will be required to submit proof of enrollment in order to receive their prize. 

Essays will be graded on the following 10-point rubric:

  • 5 points- Argument strength
  • 2 points- Grammar and style
  • 1 point- Proper Citations
  • 1 point- On topic
  • 1 point- Creativity

Spring application deadline: December 19th

Fall application deadline: July 19th

Awards will be disbursed directly to the winner’s school.

See below for an archive of previous winning essays, as well as the prompt they were written in response to.

Fall 2021
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