Rosario Mannino – Law School Intern

Rosario Mannino – Law School Intern

Rosario Mannino is an Entertainment legal intern, social media influencer and former NCAA Division 1 athlete, based in New York City, and has over half a decade of experience in the financial services sector. Rosario spent some time as a youth soccer coach, helping kids as young as five to players as old as 20 years old, and led one of those teams to a state cup final.

Rosario has an undergraduate degree in business administration and worked in various roles across the financial space, ranging from sales to operations and compliance work, prior going to law school. Aside from being a law student, Rosario runs a comedic social media account with millions of followers. His goal is to continue to grow his online presence while spreading out onto multiple platforms in the near future. He also aims to combine his financial services experience, his social media experience, and the tenacity and teamwork skills he developed as a competitive athlete to best help the firm as well as future clients. Also, Rosario is fluent in Italian so he says ciao.


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