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Hire A NYC Trademark Attorney To Support Your Long-Term Business Evolution

The modern business landscape is evolving and accelerating at a pace faster than ever before in history. Shifting business paradigms lend themselves to limitless innovation, emerging trends, and new life-changing technology. As creativity increases, so does the need to protect one’s intellectual property and brand assets. A brand is a company’s calling card, and any market confusion about the source of a product or service can be extremely detrimental to the business.

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your brand and your business’s reputation is by registering for trademark and copyright protection and defending against infringement. Trademark secures your business’s branding, while copyright protects your original creative works. However, both types of intellectual property can be at risk with regard to infringement or unauthorized use. 


If your business requires guidance with regard to trademark or copyright concerns, you can consult our attorneys to discuss how we could fulfill your legal needs relating to intellectual property.

Trademark and Copyright Infringement are on the Rise

Based on recent statistics provided within a report by CompuMark, the percentage of brands facing the occurrence of trademark infringement has been growing year over year. According to CompuMark, nearly 85% of established business brands have fallen prey to trademark infringement in the past few years.

As the marketplace becomes increasingly saturated and competitive, intellectual property infringement grows alongside other unscrupulous business practices. This has put many businesses at risk of having their trademarks and copyrights stolen or misused. This business threat is seemingly inevitable, so cultivating a trust-driven relationship with a trademark attorney could be a great benefit for the future of your company.

While most copyright and trademark infringement cases are tackled under civil law, the most egregious trademark infringement actions may lead to federal criminal charges. Defending your intellectual property and dealing with instances of potential infringement can take up significant time and detract your focus from your core business activities.

Why You Should hire a New York Trademark Lawyer To Manage Intellectual Property Issues

In an era in which most businesses are driven by technology and digitization, intellectual property has become an increasingly significant asset for organizations. As already mentioned above, companies continue to face massive threats and disputes as a result of insufficient IP security and management. Regardless of company size, nearly all businesses should be paying attention to this concern. When considering the value of intellectual property to your company, your business trademark can be the key to ensuring IP safety. 

You need to begin paying close attention to your trademark even before you have started to use it in the marketplace. The main challenge lies in making smart choices with regard to intellectual property from the outset. Many businesses have overlooked trademark registration or fail to take the necessary precautions relating to due diligence when choosing a trademark to use. This is why proper trademark registration can help companies leverage their business IP assets and safeguard them against threats to their brand name and reputation. 

While some businesses still hesitate to reach out for an attorney for guidance, it is important to understand that trademark registration requires detailed and intricate knowledge about the process. Filing a trademark application can be quite complicated and lengthy, especially if you are not well-versed with the process or you are applying for the first time.

Determining The Right Time To Hire A Trademark Attorney In New York

Now that you have a better idea of the importance of involving a trademark lawyer early in the process, it is essential to know when you should first engage counsel. Many times, business owners get carried away with the uniqueness and creativity of their would-be brand names. While it is essential to focus on that, there are other legal considerations that may make negate the hard work you have put in. 

Hiring a trademark attorney NYC trusts can protect you in the process and ensure your efforts are not for naught. Once you have a rough idea about what kind of name you want to choose for your company, it is the right time to hire a trademark lawyer. 

Before you start to use the trademark you want to represent your brand, an experienced attorney will be able to provide you with guidance with regard to proper usage, including on signage and product packaging. These detailed pointers can matter a great deal when it comes to trademark security. Likewise, there are intellectual property lawyers who focus their practice on copyright law and protection, and they can help you keep your company’s unique creative works secure for the long run. For more information on finding a copyright attorney near you, you can search online for a reputable copyright lawyer New York trusts.

Reasons Why You May Need A NYC Trademark Attorney

The U.S. trademark application form is readily available online, and many people attempt to complete it themselves. However, the process includes many detailed steps, requires the inclusion of essential documentation and verification, and the submission must be completed within a specified period of time. This is why many applicants fail to complete it on time or complete it properly, which can create significant confusion or even lead to trademark rejection under some circumstances.

You might think that attempting the application process by yourself can save you money, but it can also cause you to lose $275, which would be counterproductive. Along with paying the filing charge again to reapply, you would have to undergo the entire procedure all over again. A New York trademark attorney can advise you of the different kinds of issues that may arise during the trademark application process.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind as you navigate the process of securing a trademark registration:

  • First, you will need to determine whether you are required to register a trademark and whether registering for the trademark will best suit your business purposes.
  • Preparing to complete the trademark application is the second step in the process. When you are seeking trademark protection you require, you need to select a mark. This should be done quite cautiously, because not every type of logo, word, symbol, or brand name is fit to be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and not all of these are able to be legally protected.
  • The third step is identifying the right format for your trademark.
  • Next, you will need to put your attention toward identifying the products and services to which the mark would apply.
  • You will then need to search the USPTO database to determine whether anyone else has already claimed trademark rights to the word, logo, symbol, or brand name that you wish to protect with trademark registration.
  • Finally, before you file your application, you will need to identify the precise basis for filing for trademark protection.

As you can see, the process requires in-depth research. The trademark application requires a strategic approach to help you avoid any kind of confusion or delay. This is why it is usually wise to seek the services of a licensed and qualified attorney who has extensive experience with trademark law and intellectual property protection.

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