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New York Trademark Attorney

With their extensive expertise and experience in the entertainment industry, The Hollywood Lawyer provides legal guidance in enforcing trademark rights, monitoring for potential infringement, and taking appropriate actions against unauthorized use.  Contact Trademark Lawyer at our experienced law firm by calling at 323-300-4184

A trademark lawyer focuses on assisting clients with matters related to trademarks. Their role involves advising clients on trademark selection, registration, and protection. They conduct comprehensive trademark searches to assess the availability and uniqueness of a proposed mark.  

They assist in filing trademark applications and handle the necessary correspondence with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Benefits of a New York Trademark Attorney for Business Evolution

A New York trademark attorney can support your long-term business evolution by providing expertise in trademark searches and registration, helping you establish a strong and protected brand identity. They can develop a comprehensive trademark strategy aligned with your business goals, ensuring your trademarks are properly managed and enforced. 

Additionally, a trademark attorney can assist with portfolio management, monitoring for potential infringement, and taking necessary legal action to protect your trademarks. Their guidance and Business attorney contribute to the long-term success of your business by safeguarding your brand’s reputation and ensuring continued growth and expansion while mitigating potential risks and challenges.

Newyork Trademark attorney

Understanding Trademark And Copyright Infringement

Based on recent statistics in a report by CompuMark, the percentage of brands facing the occurrence of trademark infringement has been growing year after year. According to this source, nearly 85% of established business brands have fallen prey to trademark infringement in the past few years.

As the marketplace becomes increasingly saturated and competitive, intellectual property infringement grows alongside other unscrupulous business practices. This has put many businesses at risk of having their trademarks and copyrights stolen or misused. This business threat is seemingly inevitable, so cultivating a trust-driven relationship with a trademark attorney could be a great benefit for the future of your company.

While most copyright and trademark infringement cases are tackled under civil law, the most egregious trademark infringement actions may lead to federal criminal charges, although this is rare. Defending your intellectual property alone and dealing with instances of potential infringement can take up significant time and detract your focus from your core business activities.

Why You Should Hire A Trademark Lawyer To Manage IP Issues?

The US trademark application form is readily available online, and many people attempt to complete it themselves. However, the process includes many detailed steps, requires the inclusion of essential documentation and verification, and must be completed within a specified period of time. This is why many applicants fail to complete it on time or properly, which can create significant confusion or even lead to trademark rejection under some circumstances.

You might think that attempting the application process by yourself can save you money, but if you fail to file it properly the first time around, you stand to lose your filing fee. Along with paying the filing charge again to reapply, you would have to perform the entire procedure all over again. Alternatively, a New York trademark Lawyer can guide you through the trademark application process and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind as you navigate the process of securing a trademark registration:

  • First, you will need to determine whether you are required to register a trademark and whether registering for the trademark will best suit your business purposes.
  • When considering the necessary trademark protection, you need to select a mark. This should be done with caution because not every type of logo, word, symbol, or brand name is fit to be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); and, furthermore, not all can be legally protected.
  • Next, identify the right format for your trademark.
  • Determine which products and services to which the mark would apply.
  • Search the USPTO database to determine whether anyone else has already claimed trademark rights to the word, logo, symbol, or brand name that you wish to protect with trademark registration.
  • Finally, before you file your application, identify the precise basis for filing for trademark protection.

As you can see, the process requires in-depth research and attention to detail. The trademark application requires a strategic approach to help you avoid confusion or delay. This is why it is wise to seek the services of a licensed and qualified attorney who has extensive experience with trademark law and intellectual property protection. Experienced intellectual property lawyers who focus their practice on copyright law and protection can help you secure your company’s unique creative works.

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