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His decade’s old collaborator has sued the electronic artist Steven Zhu in California, David Dann. Dann claims his Producer Agreement with Zhu, which would give Dann a 10% commission, was breached by Zhu. Dann is asking for at least $3.45 million in damages.”

Zhu’s legal team claims that Dann’s suit lacks sufficient claims to back it up and that the agreement was not a Producer Agreement but an “undated “Deal Memo” that lacked any mention of post-term commission.”

Zhu and his lawyers argue that Dann’s case has no merit. “Dann’s lawsuit is factually and legally frivolous,” Matt Rosengart, Zhu’s attorney, told Pitchfork. “His counsel has been placed on notice that their suit subjects them to monetary sanctions, as well as a separate lawsuit for malicious prosecution once their ill-advised, desperate, and fabricated claims are dismissed and my client is vindicated. In the interim, we have filed a motion to dismiss based on the suit’s complete lack of merit, and we will shortly be filing a cross-complaint against Dann for monetary relief and disgorgement.”

– Excerpt from an article for Pitchfork by Noah Yoo.  Read the full article here.

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