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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is facing a breach of contract lawsuit over a 2012 documentary featuring the making of his “The 20/20 Experience” album by the film’s director, John Urbano. Urbano claims in the suit that Timberlake “refuses to promote, market and sell a video documentary.” Urbano further claims that Timberlake pursued him to make the documentary that would follow him “writing and recording the then-new album,” but secretly without the “pre-approval from his label.” Urbano, a well-known music video director, “agreed, preceding his customary director’s fee, to instead be partners with Mr. Timberlake in this joint venture,” the suit states. The film was completed in 2013, but soon after, Timberlake refused to promote the project, albeit using video from it for his album promotion. Urbano is seeking compensation. 

After three months of filming in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and elsewhere, thousands of hours of editing, and numerous cuts, “Urbano created the ‘Making of the 20/20 Experience,’ a documentary that moved Mr. Timberlake to tears” when he first saw it, according to the suit.

“Instead of fulfilling his obligations to the joint venture, Mr. Timberlake has failed to take any steps to promote, market, and sell the ‘Making of the 20/20 Experience.’ Mr. Timberlake has increasingly distanced himself from the project and his partner — often using a network of agents, managers, and handlers to interface with Mr. Urbano,” the lawsuit alleges.


– Excerpt from an article for Deadline by David Robb. Read the full article here.


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