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Music Mondays – Frank Ocean sues ‘Blonde’ album producer, Om’Mas Keith

Frank Ocean has filed a lawsuit against producer Om’Mas Keith, alleging that the producer is looking to take co-writing credit for songs on Blonde that he did not contribute songwriting on. Keith, who previously collaborated with Ocean on Channel Orange, was listed on performance royalties organization ASCAP’s database as a co-writer on multiple Blonde tracks, including “Nights,“ “Pink + White,” “Ivy,” and more. As TMZ points out, Ocean has filed a suit that alleges Keith was brought on as a work-for-hire producer and paid a flat fee for his contributions to the album. He is looking to have a judge block Keith from the songwriting credits. Keith was notably absent from the Blonde liner notes.

According to the legal complaint, Ocean states that Keith wrongfully claimed co-writing credit on the songs “Be Yourself,” “Futura Free,” “Godspeed,” “Ivy,” “Nights,” “Nikes,” “Pink + White,” “Pretty Sweet,” “Skyline To,” “Solo,” and “White Ferrari.” Ocean also specifically states that Keith did not “contribute any lyrics, melodies, or music that would give rise to any claim of authorship.” As far as relief, he is seeking Keith’s removal from the ASCAP credits and a legal injunction preventing him from claiming that he co-wrote any of the music. He is not seeking any specific monetary damages apart from attorney’s fees and “such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.”

When reached for comment, a representative for Frank Ocean replied: “A complaint has been filed against Om’Mas Keith who has falsely stated to have written certain songs which appear on the album Blonde. These claims are untrue and this issue is being dealt with by litigators.”

– Excerpt from an article by Noah Yoo for Pitchfork. See the full article here. 


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