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COVID-19 Hollywood

New Public Health Orders Along with the Governor’s orders to reduce Covid-19 restrictions, there are new guidelines for reopening film, music, and television production provided by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. Production companies will be required to do daily COVID-19 screenings, pre-employment testings, and increased use of face coverings, but the new orders allow for shorter quarantine periods. Here are some of the newly updated protocols:

  • Daily screening before work
    • Screening of employees and visitors arriving to the worksite must include a check for whether the individual is currently under an isolation or quarantine order, not just asking about current symptoms.
  • Testing
    • Pre-employment PCR testing is now required for all music, TV, and film productions, including short-term or one-time productions. Weekly testing of all cast members, talent, performers, and crew is required during the production period, at minimum. “The majority of productions have already been meeting or exceeding this requirement and we really appreciate that,” the Health Dept. said.
  • Face shields
    • Employees such as hairstylists, make-up artists and wardrobe assistants who must regularly be in close contact with others must wear a face shield in addition to a face covering.
  • Increased use of face coverings in office areas
    • Face coverings must be worn by staff working in cubicles, including cubicles equipped with partitions.
  • Hired audiences
    • Size of a hired audience is now limited to 50 people, and all must be hired by or on behalf of the production company or a 3rd party vendor for this purpose (e.g., actors, extras), and must not be members of the general public. The same group of people should be used as the hired audience throughout the production as much as possible.
  • Special events and performances must submit safety plans in advance
    • Productions that are one-or limited-time special events or performances must submit a safety plan to Public Health for review at least 10 business days before the event is planned to occur. Plans should be submitted to:
  • Exposure quarantine shortened to 10 days, but special precautions for Days 11-14
    • The required quarantine period for individuals who have been in close contact with a person diagnosed with Covid-19 has been shortened from 14 days to 10 days. Cast members working during days 11-14 may act without a face covering but must maintain 6 feet of distance. Hair & makeup teams that must work during days 11-14 of a quarantine must wear face coverings and face shields when near others. Any other person working during days 11-14 must follow the LA County Health Officer Blanket Order on Quarantine which requires maintaining both 6 feet or more of distance plus a face covering.  

– Excerpt from an article for MSN Entertainment by David Robb. Read the full article here.


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