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Adele’s $80 Million Record Deal: The Richest British Musician Ever

Hello friends of The Hollywood Lawyer! As many of you have heard, back in May, Adele landed a Sony contract worth more than $80 million. This contract makes Adele the recipient of the most valuable music contract ever handed to a woman.

Previously signed by British independent label XL at age 19, Adele became the best selling artist in 2015 and was promptly put on the radar of Sony executives.Specifically, she has sold more than 10million copies of her debut album 19 and 30million of her second album, 21. Her third, 25, was another huge hit.

Adele has been named the biggest star of this generation and her albums 19, 21 and 25 have grossed millions. Sony’s teaming up with Adele’s talent and fandom is about the safest business investment and bet that could be made.

In an era when piracy and streaming services have diminished album sales, it is large investments in the talent of big names (like this one) that keep this industry afloat. Congratulations to Adele and we hope that being signed with Sony will continue to give her the liberty to create and inspire with more great albums.



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