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Everyday We Lit от YFN Lucci и PnB Rock

Campbell was awarded $1.7 million-plus 50% future royalties in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against PnB Rock and producer June James for alleging their 2017 hit with YFN Lucci, “Everyday We Lit,” was copied from Campbell’s 2016 less well-known song, “Everything Be Lit.” Campbell was working at the same record studio and claimed he shared the track with PnB Rock and James. In 2020, a court found PnB Rock and James liable in September 2020, a decision that was appealed, and then the appeal was dismissed. The court decided that “the melodies of the mid-tempo trap beat songs are similar and the choruses sound even more so. PnB Rock and James are not allowed to perform “Everyday We Lit” without Campbell’s permission, according to the ruling.”

asdfs “This has been a very lengthy and tedious process. I’m grateful for the outcome, and I’m thankful it’s all behind me,” said Campbell late Thursday, March 18, on Instagram.

“I’m excited to get back into the studio and continue creating music for my fans. I wish the best for all parties on current and future endeavors.” “We are thrilled with the entry of judgment by the court and believe Anthony Campbell’s rights have been vindicated,” said Campbell attorney, Christopher W. Niro of the Chicago-based Aronberg Goldgehn, in a statement.

“This judgment should be a sign to other artists whose work has been misappropriated for the gain and profit of others to enforce their rights.” Check “Everyday We Lit” and “Everything Be Lit” on YouTube, but watch the language.    


– Excerpt from an article for  NJ Advance Media for by Amy Kuperinsky. Read the full article here. _________________________________________________________________________

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