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Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Sparks Music Industry Backlash


Indiana’s reinstatement of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which says that the state cannot “substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion” unless it is furthering a “compelling government interest” and acting in the least restrictive way possible, has caused quite the controversy. There has been a substantial outcry from the public, including prominent politicians and celebrities, who are interpreting this law as a possible way for businesses to legally discriminate against minorities, particularly gays and lesbians.

wilco_massmoca_austinnelsonThe alternative rock band Wilco is just one of many who is planning on forgoing business in Indiana. The band took to Twitter to announce it will be canceling its 5/7 tour date in Indianapolis, as the “’Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ feels like thinly disguised legal discrimination.”

Check out this article to learn more: Wilco Cancels Indianapolis Tour Date Due to Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law



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