Jessica Wong – Post-Bar Law Clerk


Jessica Wong – Post-Bar Law Clerk

Jessica Wong is originally from Toronto Canada and joined The Hollywood Lawyer in 2016, as a legal intern, after completing her Master of Laws and Graduate Certificate in Entertainment Law from the University of Southern California (USC). Her first law degree was completed in the UK at the University of Liverpool.

Jessica’s previous legal experiences required working in extremely fast-paced environments over multiple jurisdictions  (Asia, Europe, and North America). She has developed strong verbal communication skills having placed as Semi-finalist in both Negotiation and Mooting Competitions during her studies at the University of Liverpool. She is highly adaptable and has control over communicating in multiple languages (English, Chinese Cantonese, and Chinese Mandarin). These skills allow her to communicate professionally and effectively with individuals from varied cultural, artistic and educational backgrounds.

Prior to entering the legal profession, Jessica studied visual arts and music. Having previously studied independently with a renowned professional artist, Ivy Yin-Yuk Leung at her studio in Toronto, Jessica had many opportunities to exhibit her art at local community shows and entered various competitions. Jessica has honed her skill as a visual artist and understands the commitment and emotions attached to works of art. Her interest in relation to art and law was further magnified during her studies at the USC, where she studied Art Law under Professor Schoenberg. Jessica hopes to use her knowledge in the visual arts and law to protect the interests of clients. Additionally, Jessica is a vocalist and received formal qualifications with the Conservatory of Canada (grade 8 classical voice) and the Royal Conservatory of Music (grade 7 classical voice). In 2011, Jessica became one of 18 students who partook in a celebrated program at the University of Toronto; the Vic One Norman Jewison Stream for the Arts. There, she was able to combine her academic studies with creative expression. Her final year project, a series of sculptures on child soldiers and a graphic novella illustrating the Omar Khadr case, reflects this union.

Jessica hopes to utilize her diverse background and experience to better connect with clients and to understand their objectives when seeking legal advice.  On her spare time, Jessica continues to engage in creative expression through visual arts and music. As a part-time YouTube Content Creator, you can often find Jessica connecting with like-minded individuals at various creator events.

Jessica is currently in Canada undergoing her legal qualifications in Ontario.


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