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Intellectual Property Attorney Los Angeles

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When to hire a Los Angeles Intellectual Property Lawyer?

Intellectual property is the foundation of almost every facet of the entertainment industry, spanning film and television production, live and recorded music, book publishing, and talent agreements. A seasoned Los Angeles intellectual property lawyer can guide industry clients through the best ways to protect their IP assets and use them to drive revenue.

At The Hollywood Lawyer, we work with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and various brands and companies on many aspects of intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, nondisclosure agreements, and licensing. We represent clients at every level in the formation, acquisition, and protection of trademarks and copyrights, as well as in the negotiation, documentation, and enforcement of licensing, manufacturing and distribution agreements.


Common types of Intellectual Property Services in Los Angeles

If you are a producer, actor, musician, author, merchandiser, publicist, cinematographer, or you play any other role within the entertainment industry, The Hollywood Lawyer can strategize with you to determine the best way to seek protection for your intellectual property or negotiate on your behalf to unleash your intellectual property’s maximum value.

Below are descriptions of some of the services we regularly provide to our entertainment industry clients.

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a phrase, word, logo, design, or symbol that appears on a product to identify its source or brand and to distinguish it from similar products in the market. Service marks are similar, but they are used instead to identify the source of services and to distinguish those services from similar service in the market. In most cases, people refer to both together as trademarks. The IP attorney Los Angeles trusts can guide clients through the steps the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires applicants to take in order to register a trademark.

With regard to trademarks, the Los Angeles Intellectual property attorney can help you:

  • Determine whether you can legally protect your chosen trademark
  • Choose the appropriate basis on which to file your trademark application
  • Prepare and file a robust trademark application with the USPTO
  • Select an example to demonstrate how your trademark would be used
  • Communicate with and respond to questions from USPTO trademark examining attorneys
  • Explain the rights that go along with your registered trademark
  • Guide you on best practices for enforcing your trademark rights
  • Defend you against trademark challenges brought by others
  • Ensure you remain up to date with your trademark registration
  • Represent your best interests in opposition and cancellation practice before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which is the administrative board that hears and rules on adversarial proceedings in which a trademark is opposed after publication or a party seeks to cancel an existing trademark registration

Of note, for any person whose primary domicile is not within the United States or for any commercial entity whose headquarters is located outside of the United States, it is mandatory for a U.S.-licensed attorney to represent them when applying for a trademark, registering for a trademark, or appearing before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board for a contested proceeding. While not legally required for U.S. applicants, registrants, or parties in Trademark Trial and Appeal Board hearings, the USPTO highly recommends that they seek professional legal guidance.

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration allows the creator of an original literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work to seek protection for their intellectual property. The categories of intellectual property for which copyright law provides protection include novels, poems, films, songs, musical scores, paintings, screenplays, and scripts. When a person or entity owns a copyright, they have the exclusive rights to monetizing and using that work, including making copies, selling copies, licensing the work, transferring ownership to the work, and creating derivative work based largely on the original.

With regard to copyright matters, a Los Angeles intellectual property lawyer can help you:

  • Complete and submit the required application forms and documentation to the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Determine whether to submit hard copies or electronic copies of your work
  • Respond to requests from the U.S. Copyright Office or Library of Congress with regard to hard-copy deposits
  • Explain the benefits of holding a copyright in your work
  • Enforce your copyright against potentially infringing works
  • Defend against allegations of copyright infringement


Brand Extensions Through Licensing and Distribution Agreements

Through most licensing agreements, one party, called the licensor, will grant rights to another party, called the licensee, to use the licensor’s intellectual property in exchange for royalty payments from the licensee. Distribution agreements are similar, in that they create a contractual relationship between a supplier and a distributor. Under these circumstances, the distributor contractually agrees to acquire merchandise from the supplier and then sell those products according to the agreement’s terms. Usually, the terms involve selling goods or products in a specified geographic area.

With regard to brand extensions through licensing and distribution agreements, the most common scenarios with which intellectual property law firms Los Angeles trusts can assist include using:

  • An artist’s song in a feature film
  • A character or trademark on clothing or other merchandise
  • Text from a short story to create a screenplay

In addition to trademark, copyright, and brand extension matters, we also regularly represent clients in intellectual property transactions — including the acquisition and sale of IP assets — and in drafting and enforcing non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

Even if your specific IP-related situation or legal need does not appear in the list above, we can help – contact us to see how our experience and detail-oriented approach can benefit your career or advance your business.

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