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The Batman

Chris Wozniak sues Warner Bros for plagiarizing story elements from several stories he pitched to them in the 1990s. His scripts, including “The Ultimate Riddle” and “The Blind Man’s Hat,” were sent to Michael Uslan, “The Batman” producer, several times. Wozniak is now seeking damages and hopes to have a jury trial against Warner Bros.

Wozniak’s attorney made a statement saying,

“There are so many original expressions from my client’s story found in the defendant’s movie that we believe this is [a] clear case of copyright infringement. The similarities are just too uncanny to be accidental.”

Wozniak, “There’s no disputing my plot pre-dates their screenplay, that the people who made this film were in possession of my plot, and that the Riddler’s storyline in the film was directly derived from my plot,” he began. “Now, before Executive Producer Michael Uslan and Warner Bros. Pictures used my plot in the film, they were supposed to negotiate a contract first to make sure I was fairly compensated,” he added. “I was NOT credited anywhere. I was NOT paid anything. And In case you’re wondering, that’s NOT supposed to happen. So here I am, asking BATMAN FANS AROUND THE WORLD to stop Hollywood from steamrolling yet another Comic Creator,” Wozniak continued. “I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That is not JUSTICE,” he declared. “It would be nice if some of the more famous faces would shine a little light on this situation because it would go a long way towards making this right.”


– Excerpt from an article for ScreenGeek by Jacob Dressler. Read the full article here.


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