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Profit from Harry Potter Across the Pond: Learn How on Film Fridays!

In this week’s edition of Film Fridays, we are taking a look at how copyright law and the idea of intellectual property might be undergoing some pretty major changes in the UK. The Green Party has proposed a new standard of copyright- a person’s intellectual harry-youre-a-wizard-1-300x200 property will become public domain after 14 years. This is a significant change, as the current law entitles the person to owning his or her work for 70 years AFTER death. While there are strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum about the consequences of this proposal for artists, everyone seems to be interested in how to balance monetary interests and creative integrity. For example, the first “Harry Potter” film, which was made 14 years ago, would now be a part of public domain under the new law, and thus, people could take ideas from the film or make copies of the film, sell these products and make a profit, without having to answer to J.K. Rowling and company. Though the Green Party has no immediate plans to implement this copyright law, it brings up even more fascinating dialogue on what the individual, the company and the world have the right to own.

Check out the full article here: The Green Party wants to change copyright law. Are they right or wrong?



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