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Netflix Sued Over New Sherlock Holmes Film

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate is arguing in court that Netflix’s Enola Holmes portrayal of an emotional Sherlock Holmes infringes on copyrighted material. The scriptwriter and director and Netflix are among the defendants listed. The Conan Doyle Estate contends that only it has the legal authority to show Holmes as sweet and caring toward his younger sister, as Netflix’s rights end with the stories published from 1923 onwards. 

The Conan Doyle Estate claims that Netflix is pulling from early Sherlock Holmes material, suggesting this is pre-Doyle Holmes that is not in the public domain. “He conveys emotion with subtle smiles or furrows of his brow (and, in one particularly elated instance towards the end of the movie, says “ha!” to himself after learning that Enola has beaten him to solve a case). Sherlock’s respect for Enola and delight at her success is another point of contention, as the Conan Doyle Estate’s lawsuit argues that Sherlock never treated women with warmth or respect before the 1926 story “The Lion’s Mane.” 

– Excerpt from an article for Screen Rant by Hannah Shaw-Wiliams. Read the full article here.

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