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The Golden Globes will not air in 2022, according to NBC, after years of controversy and a recent L.A. Times investigation into the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s membership and financial and ethical practices. This year the show saw a 60% drop in viewership over 2020 and provide a $20-million rebate to NBC to alleviate the loss.

“If they go away, I don’t think anybody’s going to lament that,” two-time Globe winner Matt Damon told the “Today” show Thursday. “I don’t think the world needs to mourn the death of an awards show.”

asdfad “I’m hard-pressed to envision any winners as a result of the Golden Globes’ demise,” said veteran publicist Tony Angellotti, who has worked on numerous Globes campaigns as an awards consultant for decades.

“It doesn’t necessarily signal higher ratings for other awards shows. Marketers of movies and broadcast shows lose. Potential nominees lose. Ancillary businesses lose, including media. The city of Los Angeles loses.”

“The HFPA cannot accurately reflect the best of our industry until your membership expands to reflect more of the social, cultural, and ethnic diversity that exists in the stories we tell and the creators with whom we work,” WarnerMedia executives wrote in a letter to HFPA President Ali Sar on Sunday, one day before NBC pulled the plug on the Globes for 2022. The letter went on, “For far too long, demands for perks, special favors, and unprofessional requests have been made to our teams and others across the industry [by the HFPA]. We regret that as an industry, we have complained but largely tolerated this behavior until now.”

“This is a defining moment for Hollywood,” said Tina Tchen, president of Time’s Up. “Today, we have the opportunity to recognize that, by speaking up against one powerful but deeply flawed awards system, we can begin to reimagine a more equitable industry.”


– Excerpt from an article for The LA Times by Josh Rottenbery. Read the full article here.


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