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Puppet movie triumphs over Sesame Street in R-rated lawsuit

Comedian Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming R-rated movie co-starring fouled-mouthed Muppet-like characters draws a clear line between itself and “Sesame Street,” despite contrary claims by the makers of the educational children’s program, a judge ruled in New York Wednesday.

McCarthy’s “The Happytime Murders” may continue using its “NO SESAME. ALL STREET” tagline in promotions for the comedic crime flick because its intention was to “differentiate” itself from the children’s show starring Big Bird and Cookie Monster, U.S. District Judge Vernon Broderick ruled.

“We fluffing love Sesame Street and we’re obviously very pleased that the ruling reinforced what STX’s intention was from the very beginning — to honor the heritage of The Jim Henson Company’s previous award-winning creations while drawing a clear distinction between any Muppets or Sesame Street characters and the new world Brian Henson and team created,” STX, the film’s distributor, said in statement.

The judge said that during oral arguments Sesame Workshop didn’t demonstrate that moviegoers were confused or that sponsors or parents were complaining.

– Excerpt from an article written by Stephen Sorace for Fox News. Find the full article here


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