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Film Fridays – Johnny Depp’s former bodyguards sue for unpaid wages

Already facing multi-million-dollar legal battles with his former business managers and former lawyers, Johnny Depp now looks to have to seek protection from two of his ex-bodyguards.

“Terminated” back in 2016 and then rehired in a new employee capacity after several years working for the Murder On The Orient Express actor, Eugene Arreola and Miguel Sanchez today hit Depp with a multi-claim lawsuit over unpaid wages and working conditions. As with the ongoing big bucks dust-ups with The Management Group and the Bloom Firm, this action pulls back the curtain on Depp’s private life and excesses, perhaps damningly.

“In early 2016 Plaintiffs began to notice a stark change in Depp and the atmosphere on his Hollywood Hills compound,” the jury trial-seeking-complaint filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court revealed. “Depp began making sudden and drastic changes to his staff and management team, causing a significant financial crunch for everyone surrounding Depp, except for Depp himself,” the paperwork also said. With allegations of “chaos,” a “financial hurricane” and more, this is language very familiar to those who have followed the other lawsuits and their tales of excess and the consequences overlooked.

“Often times Plaintiffs were forced to protect Defendant Depp from himself and his vices while in public,” the duo claim. “An incident at a local nightclub involved Plaintiffs alerting Depp of illegal substances visible on his face and person while preventing onlookers from noticing Depp’s condition,” the failure to pay wages, wrongful termination and unlawful business practices claiming filing added.

Having gone through a couple of law firms and attorneys in recent months like his Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack chugs back the rum, Depp is set to go to trial in August against TMG. Whether or not that actually occurs is up in the air as a scheduled deposition in the January 2017 filed $25 million case by Plaintiff Depp has been postponed several times due to his rotating cast of attorneys.

– Excerpt from an article written by Dominic Patten for Deadline. Find the full article here


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