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“Fast Charlie,” a crime drama directed by Philip Noyce and produced by James Caan, is at the center of a lawsuit between Screenwriter Lee Goldberg and Media Partners LLC and Fast Charlie Nola LLC, alleging breach of contract and seeking a preliminary injunction stopping the defendants from distributing Fast Charlie. Another part of the lawsuit is seeking credit for writing, co-producing, and compensatory damages. “Fast Charlie” is a remake of “Gun Monkeys” directed by Victor Gischler’s Edgar. “It centers on Charlie Swift (Pierce Brosnan), who has worked for aging mob boss Stan (Caan) for 20 years, skillfully operating as a prolific fixer and efficient hitman. When a rival boss moves to eliminate Stan and his entire team, he fails to get Charlie. Now on his own, Charlie will stop at nothing to avenge his friend and has no plans to leave anyone alive.”

Goldberg claims he entered a written contract in March 2021 with Boomtown Media to obtain the option to acquire the motion picture, television, and ancillary rights to “Gun Monkeys,” a screenplay authored by Goldberg based on the Gischler’s novel of the same name.” All monies due Goldberg’s company were to be paid to Goldberg if a film was made based on Gun Monkeys along with credits in the main titles, home video packaging, and other areas, according to the suit. The plaintiff was not paid the agreed-upon purchase price or provided the first opportunity to make any revisions to the script through his company.



– Excerpt from an article for Deadline by  Tom Tapp, Matt Grobar. Read the full article here.


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