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What is there to say about Denzel Washington? The man has delivered time and time again, for decades now, but there is a hunch that he may be on the verge of delivering his best performance yet. The film, Fences, will be released nationwide on Christmas Day, and currently, from the looks of it is poised to be a huge success.

The film is based on a play set in the 1950s depicting an African-American man coming to grips with race relations in the United States. The play itself received widespread recognition with a Pulitzer Prize and has since inspired two successful Broadway productions. This time around the play will be recreated in the form of a motion picture with one of Hollywood’s leading actors at the forefront.

Fences has been in the works for several years now. Denzel was so captivated by the role of “Troy Maxson” that it inspired a Broadway depiction in 2010 just so he could grasp a better understanding of the character. Audiences will be fortunate to witness Denzel portraying potentially one of his best performances yet, and in addition, will be watching a film directed under his vision. Surprisingly the supporting female actress, who may seem as an after thought from all of Denzel’s contributions to the film, is being tagged as the crème of the crop for supporting actresses in 2016. Viola Davis who has worked under Denzel’s vision before in, Antwone Fisher, has already been dubbed with supporting actress Oscar honors by many film critics for her role in Fences.

People are waiting in angst for this movie to come out and fulfill its expectations. In the meantime, check out the trailer and see what all the hoopla is for. Just be weary that movie theaters may be especially packed on Christmas Day this time around.


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