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Actress Olivia de Havilland Sues FX Networks Over Biopic Portrayal

Olivia de Havilland can move forward with her lawsuit alleging FX Networks falsely portrayed her in an anthology series about the infamous feud between fellow actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and used her image without providing any compensation.

The judge rejected defense arguments to dismiss her case on free-speech grounds.

“They’re in deep trouble,” de Havilland attorney Don Howarth said outside the courtroom after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Holly Kendig issued her ruling.

FX Networks attorney Robert Rotstein told the judge his clients will appeal, but that he would work with the other side to try and keep the trial date reasonably close to the Nov. 27 date Kendig previously set in giving de Havilland priority because the actress is 101 years old.


In her ruling, Kendig said that although the series “Feud: Bette and Joan” was aired in the public forum of television and dealt with a subject of public interest, de Havilland still showed a likelihood of “prevailing on the merits.”

Kendig also found that de Havilland — who under the law is a public figure — showed that the network either knew that aspects of the series were false, or did not care whether they were true or not.

Kendig also said de Havilland was falsely portrayed as someone who was a “gossip” and who used vulgar language against others, including her sister, Joan Fontaine, and that she had made disparaging remarks about Frank Sinatra’s drinking habits.

Kendig said she disagreed with the defense that the series was “transformative” and said there was evidence the network benefited financially from the use of de Havilland’s name.

She additionally said that because de Havilland is still alive, she could have been asked about the accuracy of some of the matters now in dispute.

– Excerpt from an article written by Christina Kelly. Full article found here. 


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