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The Walking Dead has captured American audiences by storm over the last several years. The show has built a steady and growing following, which has contributed to its widespread success. Not only is the show the most-watched show on cable television, but it has also established a forum for two promising spinoffs. Despite the continued success surrounded with the creators of the show, the producers are in the midst of dealing with intellectual property matters.

Valhalla Entertainment has been producing movies and television shows for more than 20 years, notably The Walking Dead. Additionally, the likes of Terminator 1,2, and 3 and Armageddon have made Valhalla Entertainment a highly recognized and reputable player in the film industry. It took years for this brand to become what it is now today.

There is now a new production studio entering the industry under the name Valhalla Studios. Those from Valhalla Entertainment believe this new company is planning to capitalize on the marketability of the “Valhalla” name. To make matters more intriguing, Valhalla Studios plans to open up facilities in Atlanta, which happens to be the same city where The Walking Dead is filmed.

Valhalla Entertainment believes the use of the “Valhalla” name will create confusion and mislead members involved in the film industry. As a result, Valhalla Entertainment has decided to sue for trademark infringement, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, and trademark dilution. An executive from Valhalla Studios was surprised to learn of the lawsuit and claims he has been in discussions with Valhalla Entertainment to sort the ordeal out. One thing is for certain Valhalla Entertainment believes that the “Valhalla” name is not subject to being shared by others in the film industry.

Credit: Mark Milshteyn


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