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One of this year’s biggest films, Deadpool, will be forced to replace one of the key components that contributed to its unprecedented success in the upcoming sequel.  Despite a budget of $58 million, Deadpool was still able to amass $782 million in box office sales worldwide. Although the plot wasn’t astounding according to most critics, the humor combined with the visual style managed to catapult the film into must-watch status. Alas, the director who was able to captivate audiences worldwide will no longer be involved with the sequel.

Due to creative and financial differences, Tim Miller has decided to withdraw from the production of Deadpool 2. While he was able to maximize the budget in Deadpool to its fullest potential, he was fixated on taking a different approach for the sequel. This approach would have required a budget three times the amount used in the first film. In all likelihood the studio had envisioned a similar budget and approach to Deadpool 2, considering how successful they were the first time around. Additionally, Tim Miller was keen on casting Kyle Chandler as Cable, which led to a dispute with the lead actor, Ryan Reynolds. The dispute with Reynolds in addition to the budget prompted the split between Miller and the studio.

Going forward it seems that all is not lost for the Deadpool team. Since word has gotten out that they need a new director, the studio has been in contact with several reputable candidates. Currently, the frontrunner seems to be John Wick’s director David Leitch. Leitch is a promising director who has proven to be adept at dealing with action films sprinkled in with comedy. We can only hope that the sequel will be just as good, if not better, than the Deadpool.

Credit: Mark Milshteyn


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