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With more than 8 years of expertise and experience, The Hollywood Lawyer focuses on legal matters related to the entertainment industry. They possess an in-depth understanding of the entertainment industry’s unique legal challenges and intricacies. 

It allows them to provide tailored legal advice and representation to those involved in film, television, and related media ventures. We help our clients with a forward-thinking approach in all business sizes, such as small, mid-sized, and corporate businesses. 

An experienced New York entertainment attorney can provide legal guidance for all aspects of the music business, including the entire lifecycle of the documents and contracts necessary to close and execute deals.

What Is Entertainment Law?

Entertainment law refers to a specialized area of legal practice that focuses on various legal issues within the entertainment industry. It encompasses the legal aspects of various forms of entertainment, such as music, film, television, theater, sports, publishing, and digital media. 

Entertainment law covers a wide range of legal matters, including contracts, intellectual property rights, licensing, copyrights, trademarks, royalties, defamation, privacy rights, employment law, and more.

What Does An Entertainment Lawyer Do?

Their primary role is to navigate the legal complexities of the industry, protect the rights and interests of their clients. Some of the specific matters they can help with including:

  • Recording and publishing agreements
  • Producer agreements
  • Side-artist agreements
  • Television and film executive music producer, soundtrack, and composer agreements
  • Merchandising, touring, and appearance agreements
  • Management and agency representation agreements
  • Endorsements, sponsorships, advertising, promotions, and brand agreements
  • Music licensing for various distribution channels

They can represent a broad spectrum of clients within the industry, including distributors, composers, engineers, sound mixers, music producers, recording labels, 

Entertainment lawyer in New York
Lawyer for New York Entertainment

music publishing companies, musicians and artists, and songwriters.

Common Legal Services For The Music Industry in New York

New York entertainment attorneys can provide guidance for a myriad of domains such as intellectual property law, contracts, labor, tax, securities, business law, and more. Additional areas include:

  • Infrastructure and support services
  • Local artist communities
  • Global record business
  • Mass music consumption

Infrastructure and Support Services

Within the music industry, infrastructure and support services include any of the ancillary functions that help drive the business of music production. These include:

  • Digital music technology providers
  • Recording and production studios
  • The agencies that focus on royalty accounting and collection
  • Digital rights managers
  • Building trust of musicians 
  • Music-focused trade and commercial publications

While this is the smallest contributor with respect to the jobs and economic output in New York, infrastructure and support services play a crucial role within the region’s music industry. This sector has thrived in New York because of the area’s deep talent pool with regard to both engineering and creative talent.

Local Artist Communities

Local artist communities are the grassroots foundation of New York City’s music industry. The components of this pillar include:

  • Musicians and artists
  • Rehearsal spaces
  • Local performance venues for smaller live shows
  • Collaboration incubators
  • Music education institutions

Of the four pillars of New York’s music industry,local artist communities create the most jobs, but typically generate the least amount of revenue, even accounting for the big-name musicians who call the city home. 

One of the biggest challenges within the sector is that the small, local performance venues where most musicians begin their careers in the entertainment industry are at risk of closing due to pricing and regulatory factors. Skyrocketing real estate costs, city zoning ordinances, the expenses inherent in running a public venue, and licensing issues have forced many venues to close.

Global Record Business

The global record business comprises the world’s biggest record labels, smaller independent labels, talent agents and managers, promoters, and music publishers. New York City is truly the hub of the global record business, with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry reporting that five of the top-ten independent labels and two of the three biggest record companies in the world called the Big Apple their home in 2015.

The Office of Media and Entertainment/Boston Consulting Group survey suggests that New York City has been especially successful in this arena because of its geographic proximity to other major players in the infrastructure and support services segment. 

Because finance, advertising, and media feature so prominently in New York, it makes it easier for record labels and others that drive music business deals to gain and retain their foothold. New York entertainment lawyers can help forge those business relationships and industry synergies.

Mass Music Consumption

New York City’s mass music consumption sector is made up of large-scale music venues, concerts and festivals, retail and merchandising, streaming and broadcast, and professional music performance groups. Compared to the rest of the world, New York City sells more tickets to major live musical performances than any other city, including London, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, according to Pollstar data.

As the music industry trends toward outdoor venues and festival-style events, New York will also likely support more of these events, which can potentially serve a daily capacity of 50,000 attendees for programming that is multiple days long.

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