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YouTube and Facebook have so far been the leaders of music promotion but looks like Snapchat is snapping back with some much needed digital renovation.

Copyright violation lawsuits have been a popular theme amongst music promo vets, Facebook and YouTube, who are consistently fighting record companies to access more rights. In light of this,  Snapchat has taken this opportunity to foster strong relationships with their favorite pop stars and has started to customize amazing legally obtained content distribution features and have skyrocketed to the top platform for releasing new hits.

A prime example is when Snapchat hosted 30 seconds of Ed Sheeran’s new song “Thinking Out Loud.” The social media corporation jazzed things up with a new feature where Sheeran’s fans can rock out with a pair of cool sunglasses and surround themselves with augmented reality disco lights whilst jamming to the new song! Major record labels took notice and have since jumped on board.

Rapper, Sage the Gemini, used similar promo techniques with his “Now or Later” track where the catchy tune used Snapchat face filters to top charts with the music playing as background tunes to the filter. These new forms of marketing techniques have proved effective since the Snap filter provides the name of the song and users have easily managed to find the song and download it.

Unlike the old digital platforms trying to secure more rights at a lower cost, Snapchat has been upfront in paying licensing fees making it the most favored platform for artists. The company has also been dipping its feet into other realms with the same innovations such as news, politics and sports content.

Additionally, Snapchat has collaborated with Shazam and experts predict there will be further developments with Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo in the near future.  Many artists and managers are supporting Snapchat and are excited for the new technologies to promote new hits. If Snapchat continues to develop their user engagement and sustainable revenue offerings, it is predicted that they will become #1 platform in the world.

Credit: Jessica Wong


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