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Digital Dose Wednesday – Break the Internet but Not the Law!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Kim Kardashian’s ASSets may have broken the Internet, but this doesn’t mean she can break consumer protection laws!

Have you noticed the frequent Instagram uploads of perfectly placed products being featured in Selfies becoming a growing trend across the Kardashian sister’s pages? Well so did consumer watchdog Truth in Advertising! A letter recently addressed to Kris Jenner and their lawyer Michael Kump illustrates how failing to reveal the affiliations with brands can come with consequences and possible liabilities under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

These types of false advertising fiascos happen when social media stars fail to disclose their affiliations with companies when they get paid to post advertising pictures on their personal accounts. Even though product posts are commonly used advertising in the social media landscape, this doesn’t mean consumer protection laws don’t apply. Remember, the FTC may well be following you too!

Credit: Jessica Wong


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