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Happy Wednesday everyone! To all our millennial readers, when was the last time you actually cracked open a good ole newspaper or tuned into daily news channels to update yourselves on the latest political happenings? Do any of you even own TV’s anymore?

Let’s be real, half of you mostly get updates on the political race on your favorite social media outlets. Well, looks like the campaigning team for this year’s election is tuning into your habits.

Now that the presidential campaign is coming to it’s final track, Hillary Clinton is throwing down a hefty penny on digital advertising to connect with the young millennial voters! This means, setting aside $30 million on digital advertising over multimedia channels such as; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Vice, Spotify, Pandora, Univision, Telemundo, BET, The Root, etc…

One of the biggest hurdles for Clinton has always been connecting with the digitally consumed youth voters. These are the same voters that led to President Obama’s success in 2008 and 2012. So where did they go during this election? Many of these social media savvy voters opted to #feelthebern by re-tweeting, hashtagging and giving a like to Bernie Sander’s “political revolution” during the primary. Now that the #bern has sizzled out, Clinton is hoping to rekindle the fire and win them over.

Well, let’s see if the $30 million campaign will help Hillary answer the millennial voter’s burning questions and to swing their votes in her favor!

By the way, have you all seen Hillary on Funny Or Die?

Credit: Jessica Wong


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