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Client News- The Hollywood Lawyer at KABA Career Panel!

This past Tuesday, Nov. 3, the Korean American Bar Association (KABA) hosted an intimate and extremely informative career panel with some of the best Korean-American legal professionals in town, including Judge Dorothy Kim (LA Superior Court judge), Lisa Kang (Deputy Alternate Public Defender), Tony Cho (Deputy District Attorney), Bryan Rhie (civil litigator at a private firm), Vivian Lee (in-house counsel at FOX), and our very own Lead Entertainment Attorney, David Kim! Each of the panelists took time to explain their background and various tips and tricks they’ve learned over their professional careers to a classroom of law students at Southwestern Law School.

Some of the takeaways from the panel for any future lawyers? Try as many different areas of practice as you can to learn your strengths and weaknesses, do your due diligence and prepare thoroughly for job interviews and (as David so wonderfully put it) have PASSION for you job!

Click here to learn more about KABA, and continue to keep checking our blog to learn about more free, informative events like this!

And look below to check out The Hollywood Lawyer in action!

David Kim (sitting down, second from the left) explaining how he got to where he is today.
Law students eagerly learning how to follow their career dreams!



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