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Being Your Personal Lawyer

We understand that as a talent (i.e., actor, singer, songwriter, producer, writer, director, etc..) it’s hard to make future projections and estimates about your legal needs, but would like to remind you that it’s also equally important to make sure that you’re legally protected and safe even if it means spending a few hundred or a few thousand now, as opposed to spending hundreds of thousand later down the road. And so we encourage you to make an effort in protecting your interests, by asking us for help and representation with a particular job offer, business deal, role offer or other area of your life that warrants extra protection and review by a lawyer. Please find out how you can retain efficient and cost effective legal protection with an entertainment attorney (film, television, music, new media, licensing, talent representation) here in Los Angeles by filling out our online form today.

Talent Representation

In addition to our general services, our entertainment attorneys in Los Angeles also specialize in representing different talent in their careers, be it acting, singing, drawing, hosting, modeling, directing, songwriting or producing) and make it our number one priority and goal to negotiate, review and/or execute deals in the best interests and desires of our talent client, and will do more than we are required to ensure this goal is met. Whether it be legal needs pertaining to your career in the entertainment industry or not, we have entertainment attorneys in Los Angeles who represent personal clients in all other matters, be it involving another personal issue or a new business venture idea.

Your Extra Legal Needs

Whether the extra legal needs may require a simple letter, or some representation in a corporate, criminal, immigration, landlord tenant, personal injury or litigation matter, one of our attorneys here in Los Angeles will make sure to secure you the legal need that you require, whether it means us taking care of your matter directly or referring you out to one of our preferred lawyer partners. You’ll realize that we may be the most personable, diligent and work effective attorneys you’ll ever find.

Contract Review or Drafting

Whether it’s you personal life, career or business, there will be many different contracts and agreements you’ll be forced to review and/or sign. Because all of your personal interests, career or business is of the utmost important to you, you should have an attorney  review or draft any contracts and agreements that you sign. Based on what the situation is and what you may need, one of our attorneys here in Los Angeles will make sure to represent you and secure your rights in the contract or agreement(s). Read more. 


Contact An Attorney in The Hollywood Lawyer – Los Angeles

For all of your personal, career or business’ legal needs, contact a Los Angeles business or entertainment attorney (film, television, music, digital, new media, licensing, talent representation) attorney here at The Hollywood Lawyer, by (1) calling us at 1-323-300-4184 or (2) filling out our online form. Our office is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For client convenience we are available outside of these hours upon request. We accept credit cards as a form of payment.

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