December 2021
Jackass former member Bam Margera has sued Paramount Pictures, MTV Networks, Johnny Knoxville, director Jeff Tremaine and producer Spike Jonze, among others involved in the TV and film series following his ouster from the most recent film. Bam Margera’s lawsuit includes “claims of wrongful termination, discrimination and violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. He has also stated...
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Sean Hall and Nathan Butler’s copywrite lawsuit against Taylor Swift is headed to federal court. The lawsuit claims that Hall and Butler wrote a song in 2001 for 3LW that included the same lines “Players will play” haters gonna hate,” that is also part of Swift’s 2014 hit “Shake It Off.” Hall and Butler have...
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The sale of the James Brown Estate (music rights, real estate, image) ends a four-year with Primary Wave Music. The contract enshrines The James Brown 2000 Trust’s support for charitable and educational programs like marginalized youth scholarships. Postmortem lawsuits since 2006 have held up the scholarships he wanted to share with children of South Carolina...
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