November 23, 2021
What Does A Music Lawyer Do
The music industry is vast and very complicated and there can be various issues that can lead to legal consequences. In critical situations, the artists and musicians working in the industry may require assistance from a skilled music lawyer. Usually it is related to the concept of intellectual property and copyrights.  For instance, the lyrics,...
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What Does A Copyright Lawyer Do
With the advent of technology and various digital platforms, it has become easier to keep up with the trends and society. An artist living in Australia can keep an eye on artists living in New York simply by following them on  social media.   Most of the artists publish and showcase their work online to help...
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Universal Music has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against, an online investment business, because members of the public and Music professionals are confused over the two companies’ music investment platforms. Universal Music launched Republic Records in 1995, and Republic has announced its release of Republic Music in partnership with Opulous. Universal Music claims to...
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