August 2021
First Winner of Alex Davis Scholarship Announced Congratulations to Crista Fiala, a student at the first ever winner of the Alex Davis Scholarship. Crista is currently in her second year of study at the University of St. Joseph, where she is double majoring in Spanish and English. Her essay was deemed the best response to...
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Netflix’s animated series Castlevania producer Adi Shankar sued the company and fellow producer Kevin Kolde over breach of contract. While claiming that he had a verbal agreement to continue to be involved in any spinoff projects, with a 33% compensation stake, Netflix announced a spinoff without naming the defendant as a producer. Shankar’s lawsuit claims Kevin Kolde...
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Trademark attorney
  Trademarks are designed to protect specific and unique names, logos, and symbols that relate to your product or company. Trademark protection can be applied to many things that have a symbolic meaning to your brand, including its name, sounds, and even colors in certain circumstances.  Trademarks are exclusive to a single entity, and other...
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