The Associate’s Two Cents- It’s Quiz Time!

Over the last several months, we have covered numerous topics–from copyright law, to Fair Use, to the in and outs of SAG-AFTRA. Well, seeing that we present this blog as a type of educational forum, it would be remiss not to include some type of review. That being said—it’s quiz time!

How much do you remember from previous blogs?

1. A derivative work must be __________ enough to garner its own copyright protection.
A. funny
B. dramatic
C. original
D. copied

2. Fair Use permits the use of copyrighted works by another artist for______________:
A. any purpose
B. limited purposes
C. no purpose
D. none of these

3. A(n) _____________ is a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing.
A. original work
B. parody
C. derivative work
D. artist rights organization

4. An artist seeking to create a parody is permitted to ___________ what is needed from the original to achieve the result.
A. create
B. share
C. protect
D. copy

5. A trademark can be a ___________:
A. word or phrase
B. design
C. symbol
D. all of these

6. A registered trademark is represented by_____________:
A. the letters “TM”
B. the letters “TD”
C. the letter “C” in a circle
D. either A or C

7. In order for a work to be protected by a trademark, it must be ____________:
A. generic
B. common
C. generic or common
D. not too generic or common

8. A person, without authorization, is __________ permitted to copy another’s trademark in their work.
A. sometimes
B. always
C. not
D. perhaps

9. ASCAP and BMI are artist rights organizations that ___________:
A. collect royalties for artists
B. pay royalties to artists
C. provide resources to artists
D. all of these

10. Membership in SAG/AFTRA ____________:
A. is open unconditionally to the public
B. must be qualified for
C. is by invitation only
D. requires an audition


1. C 2. B 3. B 4. D 5. D 6. D 7. D 8. C 9. D 10. B

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